Points of clarity
  • the methodology for the freamework was helpful...
  • collaboration
  • OECD document to provde a model for creating a scenario
  • an idea of what pressures will hold us back for the future
  • distinction of prediction and futures thinking
  • what we did here was shared online and we got responses from other people doing the same kind of work
  • no homework :)
  • role playing
  • the blog updates day 1-5
  • the positiveness in the chaos model
  • hurray for rhizomes.

  • Trends from other countries
  • Working through the mapping iterative mapping exercise
  • Course is very compressed in four days
  • More links out to other places to jump off with futures thinking
  • More collaboration with other groups maybe a concurrent course
  • More look at the nature of trends. how they start, how they die.
  • more switching of groups?