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Classified Ads on 9-Apr-2025

We are the world leading organisation in Contact-less Electro-Magneto-Energy Universal Transmitter (E2Uv10), which allows charging of ALL electrical devices. Due to the overwhelming response from the entire world, we are in shortage of E2Uv10 engineers world-wide in helping us to produce better and smaller versions of E2Uv10 devices in a shorter time.

We are in need of a course manager to design, develop and facilitate/conduct a certification course for E2Uv10 Engineers.

Job Descriptions
We are looking for an expert (or a group of experts) in the field of Electrical Energy. The candidate(s) is/are expected to design, develop and facilitate/conduct a certification course on the online platform for young professionals (aged 10-15) who have graduated from Ngee Ann Community Centres (NACC).

  • At least 5 years experience in training young professionals (age between 10 to 15)
  • Proficient in using the delivery platforms (or alternative platforms which can meet equivalent requirement)
  • Have in depth knowledge of our company's E2Uv10 transmitter.
  • Able to be accessible online by trainees 24x7.
  • If shortlisted, able to start working from 12-Apr-2025. Proposed course start date: 22-Apr-2025

Interested parties, please place your Right Thumb on the BOX below. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted in due course.