Some numbers:
Befote talking about posible scenarios, here are some numbers to think about:
About population and employment:
China has 1,300 million inhabitants
India has 1,100 million inhabitants
People with high I.Q. in China are more than the whole population in the American Continent.
Pretty soon, China will be the country where more people speak English.
The Ministry of Labor in the U.S. calculates that a person will have 14 different jobs before they become 38 years old. 1 out of every 4 employees works on a 1 year contract basis. More than half don’t reach any seniority in their jobs.
The 8 careers that will be most successful haven´t been created yet.

About communication technology development
During 2002 Nintendo employed 140 million dollars in research activities.
1 of every 8 married couples met by the internet in 2006.
There are more than 100 million people registered in MySpace. Every user visits MySpace 30 times a day.
Google has more than 30 millions of searchings every day.

Who answered all of these questions before Google.......
More than 6,000 million messages are sent and received every day. More than 3,000 books are published every day.
The New York Times publishes more information in a week than the one people received in their whole lifes during the XVIII Century.
We generate more information every year than the one generated in the last 5,000 years.
Current knowledge duplicates every 2 years.
In the world, 150 millions of celular phones ring every second.
In 2006 47 millions of lap tops were manufactured. (ICNL, 2009.)

Here are some scenarios that could be visualize according to the numbers and current reality. They do not pretend to be exhaustive and
they can be considered only assumptions.


For the youngest
Kindergarden and primary schools will continue to function as structured buildings as we know them. Little people will socialize and share a combination of academic, cultural and artistic activities to be able to develop the main human competences that a childs needs to acquire.
The internet will become the main source to search for information of all kinds and libraries will decrease their clients and visits, as papers, newspapers and articles online are the latest information available.

For the older
On-line schools and distance education will be a very possible choice for a lot of young people who need to start studying and working from their youth, as economical resources are more difficult to get every day, so sometimes they need several jobs and enough professional preparation.
Universities --- Enterprices
In order to direct professional programs to specific local needs, enterprices will direct academic programs construction, so the students who finish them are able to apply for those enterprices jobs when finishing their studies.
Links between those individuals and enterprices need to be buit before they finish their studies.

Mass Instruction in higher education
Instruction in each subject will be given by a learning organization, more on collaborative basis, rather than by an individual and will be availabel all the time or will be changed as the need arises, by members of the group or group of experts

Live laboratories
For certain careers like Communications, Electronics, Medicine, Graphic Design laboratories in the campuses are no longer functional. Instead, students need to do their practices at the main institutions or companies belonging to every field. That way, they actually develop as professionals and learn at the same time from the last innovations. For example, communication students will work at TV stations, radio transmitters or web pages producers. Digital design students will develop professionally in 3D games enterprices or public image companies. Medicine students will work in hospitals directed by the experts in every area of health care. Of course, academic programs will change to new ones, and will be named differently too.
Training in a professional level
Enterprices will use the internet, online education and distance communication to train people and keep communicated. Courses will be online or transmitted by videolink or videoconference and there will be even more academic programs for free in the internet.
Videolink will safe money and time to big enterprices who will keep their meetings and training programs by these media.

Enterprices as well as individuals will continue to use celular phones, palms, iphones and all kinds of movile devices to communicate with each other and thier family and friends. This kind of distance communication will continue to grow in an exponential way.
In the internet, Internet 2 and 3 (and 4…) will emerge as an important space for people to interact, search for information and keep updated.
A lot of family, friends and close related who live appart, will be able to communicate via videoconference, chat, social nets and all kinds of innovations in online communication.

Children, young and adults will continue to enjoy and use in a significant way, virtual and video games and toys as part of their everyday life, substituting other activities like going to play outside, riding a bicycle, talking to friends and family, skatting, etc.
Games like Club Penguin where children create an “Avatar” of them and play, adopt “puffles” and socialize with other participants will become part of their everyday entertaining time.
Social nets like Facebook or Myspace will keep people updated of others life and permit old friends and distant family to meet in a virtual space.
Tridimensional movies will grow in the market and become a big success for movies industry.

Other very important aspects to think about…
Natural resources care
Before studies, schools or jobs we have to consider the main resources that keep us alive: water, energy and a breathable air. So, these resources care has to become part of the culture in every country. International meetings about this have to be held and demand some good results from the governments.
We will have to go back to the bicycle or generalize the use of cars that move through electricity or solar energy. We have to recycle and reuse all kinds of material, forget about plastic bags, dippers, etc.
Pollution has to decrease in a considerable way to preserve the ozone layer and diminish global warming.
Water studies need to be done and generalize water administration strategies to preserve this vital resource.

Countries development
First world countries like Canda, Australia, New Zeland and Switzerland, will continue to grow and develop in a positive way with their environment. Economical resources will grow and people will reach quality in their lifes as they show a culture of security order and love for their jobs. Their spirit, collective consciousness, moral spirituality, ethics, integrity, responsibility, respect for the laws, respect for others rights, effort to invest, desire of, punctuality and birth control lets them to build peaceful, developed and beautiful countries.
On the other hand, third world countries and other industrialized communities will keep richness in a few hands; poverty will continue to grow as well as population. Medium class will decrease to low class and the few who keep the power will continue to be even more powerful. Corrupted government systems will remain and social insecurity and delinquency will be part of the everyday life.