Students develop a model for evaluating expertise chips
Special innovation reporter Preetam Rai for Google News, September 06, 2030
@jimmy34 and @sara31 helped develop a new model for analyzing expertise chips. Since the ban on expertise chips or brain chips as they are popularly known was lifted n 2028, several companies have created this skill and knowledge enhancing prosthetic for the general public. While the safety implication have largely been addressed with the Joint Chinese-American FCC approving it for general use, the challenge has always been to figure out how customers evaluate these brain add-ons. Academia have stepped in to provide a neutral framework as they feel they have been in this business the longest.

@jimmy34 and @sara31 from @NgeeAnnPoly in the Federation of South East Asian Nations collaborated with @zohann32 from @PontificiaUniversidaddelPerú who built the analysis engine. They came up this model as they were able to tap on to 50 years of skills assessment data that they had locked in their learning management system. The students cite this is an advantage over other models as their algorithms were able to match outcomes produced by brain chip to the historical data.

Blackboard Intellectual Ventures that holds intellectual property rights for the now defunct system has said they will initiate legal action against the inventors as they have used system's in built tool for the analysis. The legal agent of @NgeeAnnPoly based in Manila was confident of settling with Blackboard on a revenue share model.