Jason's 1/4 Life Crisis
~ A Scenario in the Future Trend Under Fully Market-Driven Condition

Here's a story of a Genius by the name of Jason

​Jason works in the pharmaceutical industry with GlasoSmeefKklain. At 28 years, he's had an amazing career. Jason has won numerous awards and accolades, and having 17 patents named under him. He was spotted to be a prodigy in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology, at age 6. Even though he sucked in language, and couldn't even write complete sentences in his mother tongue, he was awarded a scholarship by the GSKK academy and started specialising in Genome Studies and Microbiology at age 7. Having co-published 4 international papers with his mentor, he graduated at age 12 with Genom18.20.45, which is the highest accolade in the Pharmaceutical academy (equivalent to that of an Emeritus Professorship in the 1990's). He was immediately roped in to "continue" his work at GSKK.

Recently, however, Jason's interests in the Sciences has started to waiver. Being at the peak of his career, and probably the industry, he is seeing little motivation to move up the ladder. In fact, Jason is getting tired of the endless hours of research and lab work. Being a loner, he has few friends and he yearns a new job that allows him to socialise with people on the go. He starts looking around for new options.

Jason starts going to career seminars. The good news is: He finds himself drawn to the media industry, in particular Public Relations. The bad news: He has to start applying for specialised courses to attain minimum certification before he can be employed such as Media20.40, PR24.12, and Journalism4.11. Fair enough, just that it will probably take him another 6 years, or 5 if he's fast.

Jason has now come to his life's first major
crossroad. Should he stay at his current prestigious job, or move on with his new love? What has he got to gain and lose?