Title : Corporations and Education

Group Name: CEO

Description of title: Corporations have taken over the education industry. Major Corporations train and educate from birth the present and future employees.

A bit more than learn on the job

Overview of Corporations and Education model

No longer are corporations independent from governments nor are they involved with governing—just owning. Countries are borderless. That is the countries that still exist. The King of Spain calls his hotels Spain. Microsoft calls its bordered communities US. Google is so ubiquitous as to have many communities on every continent. Pappa John’s community, educational facility, and religion centers have replaced the holdings of the catholic church.

People are bread and tested early on to see how they can contribute to a corporation. Each new born has their own tablet connected to the appropriate artificial intelligence cloud. Periodically a tutor from the corporation has a face to face with the developing employee. Most of the monitoring is done by the company’s mainframe, any abnormalities are dealt with medically.

Scenario Impact

Attitudes, Expectations, Political Support
  • What is good for GM is good for the Earth
  • Fossil fuel is sold by the gram.
  • The sun is the source of energy for the global grid.
  • Internal company politics are bread out of the employees
  • While not completely a hive, the company employees function communally and make few if any real choices.
  • Intelligence is isolated where ever it emerges
  • Hunger, poverty, disease have been replaced by consumerism, entertainment, and self indulgence as the major problems.

Goals, Functions, Equity
  • Productivity rules, STEM education predominates
  • Autocracy has been replaced by the corporation.
  • Equality has permeated the human condition and stifles inovation

Organizations and Structures
  • Corporations dominate.
  • People work for points
  • Housing is pre-fabricated.

The Geo-Political Dimension
  • No pretext of government exists.
  • Each part of the planet is used for a corporate need.
  • Weapons are no longer produced or stored

The Teaching Force
  • What is not taught by rote memory is developed in on the job training.
  • Research is fundamental to every company and center on AI development.
  • Everyone at every age takes on the role of educator to some degree

News Stories

The major world corporations now own every country on earth.
A borderless world creates new opportunity for corporate investment.
Hunger, poverty, disease, and ignorance have been eliminated.
Education by the corporation, for the corporation, and to the productivity of the corporation is all that exists.

Scenario Outcomes



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